Derive 6.1

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Powerful system for doing symbolic and numeric mathematics

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Very good

This application is no longer available or supported.

Those of us who feel more attracted by books may have enough with the Windows Calculator, but mathematics people definitely need something more. Here's where Derive 6 comes in handy by presenting you with a wide variety of mathematical tools ready to perform almost any kind of maths operation.

The program displays a blank interface where you insert numbers, expressions, symbols and everything you need to create your calculations. The data is entered through a command line and added in consecutive lines on the program's interface. Besides using your keyboard, you can also use the program's buttons to enter certain symbols which may be harder to find on your keyboard configuration. You can then let Derive solve the problem and also get it printed on paper for further study.

All the operators and commands are conveniently categorized into a menu which, together with a comprehensive help system, make the program very complete and easy to use – that is, if you have some basic maths knowledge. Otherwise, you may as well stick to the Windows Calculator!

Derive is a powerful system for doing symbolic and numeric mathematics on your personal computer. It processes algebraic variables, expressions, equations, functions, vectors, matrices and Boolean expressions like a scientific calculator processes numbers.

Problems in the fields of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, and propositional calculus can be solved with the click of the mouse. Make plots of mathematical expressions in two and three dimensions using various coordinate systems. By its seamless integration of numeric, algebraic and graphic capabilities, Derive makes an excellent tool for learning, teaching and doing mathematics.

User reviews about Derive

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